Oval Room and Ladies' Rest Room

Oval Room and Ladies' Rest Room

Charles Rennie Mackintosh's Ingram Street Tearooms

The Oval Room and Ladies' Rest Room were partly connected.  

The Rest Room was a retiring room specially provided for business ladies.  The Oval Room was directly above the Rest Room.  It had a slatted screen opening onto a space that dropped down into the Rest Room below.

Conversations would have been audible between the rooms.  It is thought that the Oval Room was also intended for use by ladies.

All the work on the tearooms was painstaking – the rooms were recreated from timbers stacked in a warehouse, mostly with only a small-scale plan and couple of general photographs to work from – but the Oval Room was particularly challenging.

Most other rooms could be laid out on the floor while we pieced them together but had to ensure that the curved and fragile panels of the Oval Room were supported upright so that we could try to understand the room's shape.  To avoid damaging the panels by moving them too much, a model was built to work out the shape of the room.


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