Andaman Islands, India - the Jarawa people

Andaman Islands, India - the Jarawa people

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The Jarawa p​​eople of the remote Andaman Islands have lived in total isolation for 30,000 years.

The Andaman Islands are in the Bay of Bengal, in the Indian Ocean.

The people want to continue their self-sufficient life. But a road built through their land is bringing disease and illegal poachers that could destroy the Jarawa and their forest.
Although many Jarawa do not like the road, some younger people have adapted to it by using it as a source of tools, food and body ornaments.

They pick up some of the rubbish dropped by road workers and people who use the road.

They make spears and arrow heads from pieces of car wreckage and use discarded plastic water bottles to carry water and honey.

And they wear plastic and medicine bottles as garlands.

What you can do

Find out more about the Jarawa and other people who live on the Andaman Islands on the Andaman website.
Survival is an international organisation that is trying to help the Jarawa so that they can live in peace on their land.

Find out more about the Jarawa on the Survival website.
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