Art Fund International

Art Fund International

Art Fund International is a £5 million funding initiative ​​launched by The Art Fund.

It is the UK’s leading independent art charity, and aims to encourage international contemporary collecting around the UK.

As part of Art Fund International, Glasgow Museums – in partnership with The Common Guild – has been awarded £1 million towards the collection of international contemporary art by the Gallery of Modern Art.

Art works acquired so far

Everything I Need (2007)
Matthew Buckingham (born 1963)

Crossing Surda (A Record of going to and from work) (2002)
From Texas with Love (2002)
Ramallah/New York (2004)
Emily Jacir (born 1970)

Girl in My Hallway (1976)
West Side Parking Lots, NYC (1976)
Boy in Plastic Pants (1978)
Chair, Canal Street Pier (1983)
Hallway, Canal Street Pier (1983)
Blanket (1985)
David Lighting Up (1985)
Peter Hujar (1934–1987)

Unsettled Objects (1968–69)
Lothar Baumgarten (born 1944)

Art Fund International is run by The Art Fund, the UK’s largest art charity.



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