Bosch Imitations Research Project
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Bosch Imitations Research Project

Detail of Christ Driving the Money-Lenders from the Temple, Imitator of Hieronymus Bosch (active 1480-1516), late 16th Century, oil on panel, 777mm x 600mm

This project is a technical research study on four 16th century oil paintings after Bosch, all entitled Christ Driving the Traders from the Temple. 

Glasgow Museums owns one of the pictures, and the other versions belong to:

  • Kadriorg Museum, Tallinn
  • Statens Museum for Kunst Copenhagen (the National Gallery of Denmark)
  • a private collector

Each version was painted in the manner of the Netherlandish artist Hieronymus Bosch (1453–​1516).  However, it is believed that each of them date from the later 16th century. 

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