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Project Aims

Detail of Christ Driving the Money-Lenders from the Temple, Imitator of Hieronymus Bosch (active 1480-1516), late 16th Century, oil on panel, 777mm x 600mm

The project is an international, interdisciplinary, technical and academic research project.  It aims to explore the originator/s of the paintings and the date, place and author of each of them.

We also hope that new information will contribute to our understanding of the art market and ‘taste’ in the 16th century. And how this stimulated the production of copies in the Netherlands.

​​The project will result in:

  • a scholarly, accessible publication

  • a scholarly, accessible publication

And also an online database, and exhibitions at:

  • Kadriorg Palace, Tallinn 22/10/11 - 04/03/1
  • National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen 14/4/12 -26/8/12
  • Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, Glasgow, Autumn 2012 


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