Miss Cranston

Miss Cranston

Charles Rennie Mackintosh's Ingram Street Tearooms

The Ingram Street Tearooms were designed for Miss Catherine Cranston.

Catherine Cranston (27 May 1849–18 April 1934), was often known as Kate Cranston or Miss Cranston.  She opened her first tearoom, the Crown Luncheon Room, in 1878 on Argyle Street.  Her Ingram Street tearoom was opened on 16 September 1886.  This was followed by new tearooms on Buchanan Street in 1897 and on Argyle Street in 1898.

Miss Cranston employed the designer George Walton to work on the design of her Buchanan Street tearooms and she brought in Mackintosh to produce some stencilled murals.  The two men worked again on the Argyle Street tearooms.  This time Mackintosh designed the furniture and he returned to Argyle Street in 1906 to design the Dutch kitchen, which was a basement conversion.

Miss Cranston commissioned Mackintosh to design more tearooms for her expanding business.  He completed the Willow Tearooms on Sauchiehall Street in 1904.

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