Glasgow History Collections Inventory

Glasgow History Collections Inventory

Some of the best projects are those which, though straight forward, will provide the greatest number of benefits to the widest group of people.  The inventory of the Glasgow History Collections (including the Archaeology Archive) is one of these. 

The project ended in November 2011. It increased access to our collections for staff and, ultimately, the general public.  Enhanced catalogue information and digital photography will be centralised onto our collections database (called MIMSY XG), and our public online catalogue, the Collections Navigator.

The Glasgow History Collections Inventory will also improve operational efficiency.  It will support public enquiries and inform how the collection will be developed and housed in the future. 

The project also includes conservation treatment, object marking and storage improvements. 

The Archaeology Archive

The Archaeology Archive project will bring together the excavated assemblages held by Glasgow Museums. It will put them under one roof and within the standards set by National Guidelines. 

This resource will include the material archive, publications and specialist reports. It will create an invaluable asset for the research and interpretation of Scotland’s past.

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