Public Catalogue Foundation

Public Catalogue Foundation

Detail of Portrait of Alexander Reid by Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890, Dutch), 1887, oil on board, 420mm x 330mm

Glasgow Museums is currently developing a catalogue of all our oil paintings. We are doing this in partnership with The Public Catalogue Foundation (PCF).

The Public Catalogue Foundation is a registered charity based in London. It was set up to record every oil painting in public ownership in Britain, whether in a museum, a city hall, a fire station, a library or a lighthouse!

The catalogue will be available to the public through a series of affordable illustrated catalogues. And through the BBC's Your Paintings website.

Glasgow’s collection of some 4000 oil paintings will form two volumes of the PCF series of publications. 

The project so far

Since the middle of 2008 our technicians have been busy making all of our oil paintings available to The Public Catalogue Foundation photographer.  Our curators and documentation staff have checked the basic information for each painting:

  • artist
  • title
  • date

Through this process, our staff are often finding or suggesting new and improved information about the paintings.  It has been an immensely enjoyable team effort. We are grateful to The Public Catalogue Foundation for giving us the opportunity to concentrate on this large and important area of our collection.

The project is funded and managed by The Public Catalogue Foundation.

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