Project Team

Project Team

Geophysical surveying


The members of the Saqqara Geophysical Survey Project team are:

Dr. Campbell Price
Project director, Egyptologist. B.A. (Hons), M.A. and Ph.D. (Egyptology, Liverpool). Seasons at Zawiyet Umm el-Rakham (2004), Tell Dafenna (2008). Honorary Fellow, University of Liverpool. Member of Saqqara mission since 2006.

Dr. Angela McDonald
Co-director, Egyptologist. M.A. (Greek-Latin, St. Andrews), M.Phil., D.Phil. (Egyptology, Oxford). University Teacher and Subject Specialist (Archaeology, Classical Studies and Egyptology), University of Glasgow.

Dr. Jonathan Dittmer
Geophysicist and Surveyor. B.Sc. (Hon), D.Phil. (Geophysics, York), Archaeological sensing surveys 1986–90; Italica (Spain) Roman town survey; Resistivity survey Wadi el-Assiuti 1993 (Egypt); geophyicist to the Saqqara mission since 1994.

Elizabeth Jones
Geomatic Surveyor and Archaeologist. B.A. (Hons) (Egyptian Archaeology, UCL), M.A. (Egyptology, Liverpool), M.Sc. (Geographic Information Science, UCL). Seasons at Memphis (2004-05), Kouphovouno (2005-08), and Gurob (2011-Present). Teaching Fellow in Geomatics, Geomatic Systems Manager, UCL. Member of Saqqara mission since 2005.

Dr. M Anthony Leahy
Egyptologist and archaeologist. Senior Lecturer, University of Birmingham, formerly editor of the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology. Excavated at Malqata, Amarna and Balamun. Egyptologist and archaeologist to the Saqqara mission since 1999.

Dr. Elizabeth Bettles
Archaeologist and epigrapher. PhD (UCL), BA (Hon) Egyptology and Coptic (Liverpool) MA Archaeology (UCL), Senior Researcher Oxford. Excavation experience in Roman, medieval and Mesolithic sites in the UK; epigraphic, ceramics and survey experience in Egypt; Member of St Anne's College, Oxford; archaeological team at Saqqara 1985–1995; member of Saqqara mission since 1994.

Dr. Salima Ikram
Faunal Analyst. PhD (Cambridge), Assistant Professor American University Cairo. Faunal analyst Gebel el-Haradi (1991–95); Sudan Archaeological research Survey 1993–94 (Bejrawiya to Atbara); member of the Saqqara mission since 1995.

Dr. Carla Gallorini
Archaeologist and ceramicist. PhD. (Egyptology, UCL), BA (Hon. Pisa). Egyptologist; Research Assistant British Museum, Petrie Museum; excavations at Abydos 2001, Biahmu 2000, Tell el-Babamun 1995, EES Team Memphis 1995–2000, and Saqqara mission since 2001.




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