Botswana, Southern Africa - the Bushmen

Botswana, Southern Africa - the Bushmen

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Botswana's Bushm​​en were forced off the land they have called home for thousands of years by their own government.

For years many have had to live in squatter's camps. They had no work. Their government forbids them to hunt game and gather wild foods.

But the Bushmen did not give up. They have become farmers, artists, and tourist guides.

Some have taken their battle to international courts to try and win back their land.

In 2006, Botswana's High Court ruled that the government's eviction of the Bushmen was illegal. A few Bushmen managed to return home.

But the government still banned them from using the wells they needed to get water in their desert home.

Finally, on the 27 January 2011, the Bushmen won their right to access their water.

What you can do

In 2005 the First People of the Kalahari won the Right Livelihood Award. Read about this award and Roy Sesana's acceptance speech on the Right Livelihood website.
Survival is an international organisation that works with the Bushmen. Find out more about the Bushmen on the Survival website.
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