Collections and Museum Practice

Collections and Museum Practice

We have a large selection of museum guide books, as well as books looking at museum practice and some of our collections. 

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Art Spaces: Riverside Museum

Deyan Sudjic with Jim Heverin and Paul Weston
Designed by the acclaimed architect Zaha Hadid, Riverside Museum opened in 2011 after a four-year build. This book examines the construction of the unique building, created to house Glasgow’s world-famous transport and technology collections. It looks at the rationale for the design, the concepts behind the exhibition displays, and some of the challenges presented by the construction
2012; paperback; 140 x 80mm; 62pp; ISBN 978 1 857597 509; £4.95
Co-published with Scala Publishers –

Riverside Museum: A souvenir guide

Rosemary Watt et al
Riverside Museum houses Glasgow’s amazing transport and technology collections, built up when the city was at the forefront of heavy industry. The technologies that shape our daily lives and the transport we use hold a fascination for everyone. The collections are now housed in a fabulous new building, designed by award-winning architect Zaha Hadid.
2011; paperback; 220 x 240mm; 76pp; ISBN 978 0 902752 986; £5

The Golden Years of the Anchor Line

Martin Bellamy and Bill Spalding
The Anchor Line was one of the great shipping companies of the Clyde. This book uses contemporary images and personal narratives from passengers and crew to give a compelling insight into the operation of this famous shipping line. 
2011; paperback; 270 x 210mm; 112pp; ISBN 978 1 840335 293; £16.99
Co-published with Stenlake Publishing Ltd –

The Kelvingrove Organ 

James Hunter
The Organ at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum was bought by the Corporation of Glasgow for the building after the Glasgow International Exhibition in 1901. The history of the Organ is explored in this booklet, written by the Honorary Director of Music, Dr James Hunter. Fully illustrated throughout, the booklet includes an accompanying CD of music. 
2011; paperback; 297 x 210mm + CD; 16pp; ISBN 978 0 902752 955; £9.99

Out There: Pushing the boundaries of museums' potential

Chris Jamieson et al
The remit of the Open Museum, to take objects out into the community and work with those who might not otherwise visit a traditional museum, is revealed in this book, as the museum celebrates its first 20 years of existence
2011; 210 x 210mm; 130pp; ISBN 978 0 902752 948; £10

Essential Kelvingrove

An abbreviated version of the larger souvenir guidebook published in 2009, this handy guide is an indispensable tool for any visitor.
2010; paperback; 215 x 220mm; 72pp; ISBN 9780856676918; £5 

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum: A souvenir guide

Celebrating the reopening of Kelvingrove after its extensive refurbishment and redisplay in 2006, this book highlights the must-see objects for visitors. It offers an insight into the history of the objects and why they are included in the displays.
2009; paperback; 210 x 250mm; 128pp; ISBN 978 0 856676 673; £9.99

The Real Fighting Stuff: Arms and Armour at Glasgow Museums

Tobias Capwell
The first book to explore the whole of Glasgow Museums’ comprehensive collection of European arms and armour, this lavishly illustrated title is equally suitable for arms enthusiasts, readers new to the subject and older children.
2007; paperback; 297 x 210mm; 104pp; ISBN 978 0 902752 825; £9.99

Hands On: Learning from objects and paintings – a teacher's guide

Janice Lane and Anne Wallace
Directly linked to the Curriculum for Excellence, this is a guide to working with objects and paintings in the classroom and in a museum setting, with sample lesson plans and resources. 
2007; comb bound; 297 x 210mm; 66pp; ISBN 978 0 902752 863; £12.00
Published in conjunction with Museums Galleries Scotland

Towards an Engaged Gallery: Contemporary art and human rights

Katie Bruce, Victoria Hollows et al
How does a museum or gallery address difficult issues such as violence against women or sectarianism? This is a record of how Glasgow's Gallery of Modern Art rose to the challenge.
2007; paperback + DVD; 210 x 210mm; 108pp; ISBN 978 0 902752 887; £12.00

Museum Detectives: Mammals

Join the museum detectives as they race around Kelvingrove spotting animals and looking for clues. Includes stickers so you can stamp ‘case closed’ when you solve the mysteries. For under-10s.
2006; paperback; 149 x 105mm; 20pp; ISBN 978 0 902752 764; £3.99

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum: Glasgow‘s portal to the ​world

Muriel Gray 
Author, journalist and broadcaster Muriel Gray brings her insightful and witty writing style to focus on this lavishly illustrated history of Glasgow’s beloved Kelvingrove, the people, the stories, the collections and the restoration. 
2006; paperback; 225 x 270mm; 124pp; ISBN 978 0 902752 795; £8.99

Patterns of Childhood: Samplers from Glasgow Museums

Rebecca Quinton
An illustrated guide to Glasgow Museums’ beautiful samplers. This book offers a fascinating record of political, social and technological history, and tantalizing glimpses into the lives of their makers.
2005; paperback; 148 x 210mm; 96pp; ISBN 978 0 713674 767; £9.99 
Co-published with A&C Black –

Provand’s Lordship and Old Glasgow

A visit to Provand’s Lordship is a step into Glasgow’s medieval past. Built around 1471, the building has been a lodging for clergy, a tailor’s workshop and even a sweetshop. This book also looks at the expansion of Glasgow over the years and the changing fortunes of the surrounding High Street area.
2004; paperback; 210 x 210mm; 84pp; ISBN 978 0 902752 757; £5.99

The Burrell Collection

Introduction by John Julius Norwich
An illustrated guide to the Burrell Collection, this book includes chapters on the museum building, the Hutton Castle Rooms and the Ancient Civilizations, Oriental Art, Medieval Europe, Decorative Arts and Paintings collections.
Revised edn 1997; paperback; 264 x 194mm; 160pp; ISBN 978 0 902752 559; £7.99

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