The Bees

The Bees

Bees at work in the hiveBees at work

Kelvingrove has kept bees since 1959 and the hive has become one of the most popular exhibits in the museum with young and old alike.

Kelvingrove's hive allows you to see the lifecycle of bees and look at how they make honey. You can also see the structure of the hive in detail. There are different types of bees in the hive, including worker bees who are responsible for looking after the rest of the colony. 

The hive is at its busiest in late summer, when new bees are born and the colony also works hard to gather enough food to last for the winter.

The way the Kelvingrove hive is installed allows the bees to get in and out of the building to collect nectar from plants. When they bring this back to the hive, the bees work their magic to make honey, which they then store in the honeycomb to eat later.

The Environmental Discovery Centre is undergoing a long-term programme of renovation, so please be aware that work maybe on going​ during your visit. 

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