Collection Highlights

Collection Highlights

Christ of St John of the Cross

Thumbnail of Christ of St John on the Cross

Dali’s iconic painting has become one of the best-loved in the entire collection


The Dutch Gallery

Thumbnail of Man in Armour in the Dutch Gallery

featuring Old Masters including the powerful A Man in Armour by Rembrandt van Rijn


The French Gallery

Thumbnail of a Monet landscape in the French Gallery

Featuring Impressionist works


Mackintosh and the Glasgow Style Gallery

Thumbnail of Mackintosh wall piece

Featuring furniture, decorative panels and light fittings designed by Mackintosh


The Glasgow Boys Gallery

Thumbnail of Japanese Lady in Glasgow Boys collection

Features the world’s premier holding of works by the Boys


The Scottish Colourist Gallery

Thumbnail of Colourist Gallery

Featuring paintings of international significance including works by Peploe and Cadell


Arms and Armour

Thumbnail of Avant Armour

One of the finest collections of European arms and armour in the world


The Bees

The Kelvingrove hive has become one of the most popular exhibits in the museum


Fulton's Orrery

Thumbnail of Fulton's Orrery

An early 19th Century 3D model of our solar system


The Kelvingrove Organ

Thumbnail of the Kelvingrove Organ

The original organ from the opening of Kelvingrove in 1902


Spitfire LA198

Thumbnail of the Spitfire LA198

A Mark 21 Spitfire built in 1944 with a Rolls Royce Griffon 61 engine


Medieval Satchel

Oldest remains ever found in Scotland of an early medieval satchel


Nakht coffin and skeleton

The coffin dates from the Middle Kingdom 12th dynasty


Sir Roger the Asian Elephant

Thumbnail of Sir Roger the Asian Elephant

One of Kelvingrove’s oldest and also one of its most popular exhibits


Scroll-butt Pistol

One of only three Glasgow-made pistols known to exist

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