Past Exhibition: Art Detectives: Investigating Bosch and Bruegel

Past Exhibition: Art Detectives: Investigating Bosch and Bruegel

What is a fake? What is a forgery?

This exhibition featured Glasgow Museums’ Christ Driving the Traders from the Temple. It revealed how a team of curators, conservators, conservation scientists and art historians from across Europe have been investigating four versions of the same scene. 

All four paintings are linked to the 16th-century artists Hieronymous Bosch and Pieter Bruegel the Elder – but which painting is the oldest, and was it used as the 'template' for the others? These are just two of the questions that the project team tried to answer.

Using interactive screens, the display investigated the story of these artworks, examining their strange and wonderful characters and symbols, and tracing their origins from source to the present day. 

Through this display you learned about the scientific techniques used to look for clues about how and when these works were painted. It showed how modern science revealed evidence that helped solve some of the mysteries surrounding them, by letting us 'see through' the layers of the paintings.
This exhibition closed on 28 February 2013​

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