Pharaoh: King of Egypt

Pharaoh: King of Egypt

Kelvingrove welcomed a fascinating British Museum touring show, Pharaoh–King of Egypt, as the next temporary exhibition between 3 November 2012 – 24 February 2013.

The exhibition showcased almost 100 objects from the British Museum’s outstanding collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts, which is the largest of its kind outside of Egypt. 

The exhibition explored the three main roles of the Pharaoh in ancient Egypt – as head of state, chief priest and commander of the army. The exhibition will also look into the semi-divine status of Pharaohs, which placed them as the intermediary between the world of men and that of the gods. The manner of representing the Pharaoh through costume, crowns and regalia will also be investigated.

On display were some fantastic treasures of ancient Egypt, including sculpture, bronze figures, written works on papyrus, jewellery and weapons.

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