Red Road: Past, Present, Future

The Red Road flats have been present on the Glasgow skyline for almost 50 years. Now they are being demolished. Red Road: Past, Present, Future is an exhibition exploring the impact of those iconic high rise flats. Funded by Glasgow Housing Association and Glasgow Life, it features artworks and commentary created by the Red Road communities, in response to the rise and fall of the city’s most visible tower blocks.

The exhibition asks what should be collected and preserved from the Red Road flats for the future, and also what visitors would like to see on display at the People’s Palace in the 21st century. Come and join the discussion – tell us the stories you want to see at the Palace.

As part of our ongoing temporary exhibition programme, a new-look exhibition on the story of the Red Road flats will be displayed on the ground floor of the People’s Palace. It will open on Friday 30 May.

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