Highlights at People's Palace

Highlights at People's Palace

The People’s Palace looks at the development of Glasgow and the story of its people from 1700’s to late 20th century. Covering everything from Tobacco Lords to Trade Unions and everything in between there are objects, images and personal stories revealing the history of this great city.

Some of the highlights are:

Billy Connolly’s Banana Boots

These famous boots were designed and made for Glasgow comedian Billy Connolly in 1975 by the Glasgow pop artist Edmund Smith. The boots made their first appearance on stage in August of that year, at the Music Hall in Aberdeen.

The Single End

The Single End can be found in a special gallery that tells the story of housing in Glasgow, and how it has changed from the 18th to the 20th century.

Our reconstruction shows a typical single-roomed house that a 1930s working class family would have lived in: Just one room where everyone cooked, ate, slept and washed in.

Visitors can experience the cramped conditions, hear an account of what it was like to live in a single end, and even smell some scents associated with life there, including carbolic soap and gas.

Dancing at the Barrowlands

‘The dancing’ has long been a favourite pastime in Glasgow, and the Glasgow Barrowlands Ballroom – now a much-loved venue for rock concerts – was once the leading dance hall in Scotland. 

Our display pays homage to a place that generations of Glaswegians flocked to. Here you can try out your dance moves, or see some objects linked to the Barrowlands by opening a Take Your Pick box. You can see outfits that would have been worn by a young fashionable couple in the 1950s – a swell suit and a beautiful hot pink dress; styles and colours very much in vogue at the time.

The Steamie​

Public Baths and Wash Houses opened across the city in the early 20th Century. They were set up with stalls, where women woul​d bring the weekly washing to clean by hand. It was also a place where women could catch up with friends and gossip, giving rise to the phrase “you’ll be the talk of the steamie!”

Our display shows the small stall space, and gives you an idea of the equipment used to get clothes clean before electrical gadgets made it easier.  




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