About Provand's Lordship

About Provand's Lordship

Provand’s Lordship, which was built in 1471 as part of a hospital in the cathedral precinct, is one of only four surviving medieval buildings in Glasgow. Beautifully preserved, the “auld hoose” is furnished with a fine selection of 17th-century Scottish furniture donated by Sir William Burrell, and a series of historic royal portraits. The room settings give a flavour of household interiors around 1500 and 1700, so you can immerse yourself in medieval Glasgow with a visit to this fascinating building. 

Behind the building sits the St Nicholas Garden, a medicinal herb garden which is an oasis of calm, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Find ​out more here.

Provand’s Lordship Guidebook
This special guidebook gives you an insight into the building and history surrounding it. You can purchase this book for only £5.99 by calling St Mungo Museum Shop on 0141 276 1625. 

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For visitors who use British Sign Language or International Sign Language our videos below provide welcome information for the museum. These videos will give you introductory information for the museum including details on our collection and how you can get involved with events at this museum.​



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