About Riverside Museum

About Riverside Museum

Welcome to Riverside Museum

The multi-award winning Riverside Museum is home to over 3,000 objects that detail Glasgow’s rich past from its days as maritime powerhouse to a glimpse into daily Glasgow life in the early to mid 20th Century.

​Amongst the objects on display are everything from skateboards to locomotives, paintings to prams, velocipedes to voiturettes, vintage cars to a stormtrooper, there really is something to delight visitors of all ages.​

We have regular guided tours of the museum. To find out more about them, please see our Plan Your Visit page

Welcome Video

For visitors who use British Sign Language or International Sign Language our videos below provide welcome information to the museum. These videos will give you introductory information for the museum including details on our collection and how you can get involved with events at this museum.

Did you know? The old Glasgow Transport Museum only had 1,300 objects on display compared to over 3,000 in Riverside. 




The Interactive Experience 

At Riverside Museum we have created  new and imaginative ways of displaying and interpreting the collections so you can get more out of your visit.


We have: 

  • Three interactive streets with access to "shops" dating from 1895 right through to the 1980s.

    These 'shops' include an Edwardian photography studio, a 1930s' Italian Café and a 1960s' garage.      

  • A range of access platforms so you can get to the heart of the displays - climb aboard some of the exhibits to get a real feel for vintage public transport by accessing four locomotive footplates, three trams, two subway cars, one train carriage and a bus.  

  • Over 90 large touch screens panels full of images, memories and films that tell the fascinating stories behind the objects.*
  • ​Over 20 interactive hands-on displays.


Themed displays

To ensure you get the most out of our objects and their stories we've not just grouped them together but we've combined them into a number of interesting themes. 

  • Streets 

  • The River Clyde

  • Transport & Leisure 

  • Made in Scotland 

  • Looks & Fashion 

  • Crossing the World

  • Cutting Edge- Past, Present & Future

  • Disasters & Crashes 

  • Getting There

* Some displays at Riverside Museum feature flashing or pulsing lights.  
   Please ask at reception for further information.



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