Our Displays at Riverside Museum

Our Displays at Riverside Museum

​Museum Displays

In designing the Riverside Museum, we have created new and imaginative ways of displaying and interpreting the collections. To display the objects most effectively, Riverside Museum has 9 main display themes:

  • The Streets 
  • The River Clyde
  • Trans​port and Leisure
  • Made in Scotland
  • Looks and Fashion
  • Crossing the World
  • Cutting Edge: Past, Present and Future
  • Disasters and Crashes
  • Getting There

Within these themes there are over 150 separate in-depth ‘story displays’. 

There is not one but three streets at Riverside Museum and, for the first time, there is access into the 'shops'.  There is also access platforms up to all the locomotives as well as a wide range of interpretation including over 90 large touch screens full of images, memories and films about the collections on display as well as over 20 interactive hands on exhibits.

The objects on display have increased from 1400 on display at the old museum to over 3000 at Riverside Museum including a new addition, and one of the largest locomotives on display in Britain, a huge export South African locomotive designed and made in Glasgow.

At Riverside, many of the most significant cars and bicycles are displayed on the floor of the museum and there is far more information provided about them.  The cars on the 'car wall' and the bicycles on the suspended 'velodrome' are interpreted from the floor (and from the first floor) by large touch screens.  Each of the cars has been photographed 360 degrees inside and out and a huge amount of related photograhs and information is included on the touch screens.

Remember to give us your feedback on the touchscreen feedback stations throughout the museum.

N.B. Some displays at Riverside Museum feature flashing or pulsing lights. Please ask at reception for further information. 


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