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Explore Riverside Museum

There are many ways to explore Riverside. Download our Riverside Treasure Hunt App (see below). We now also have a Riverside Trail in Gaelic, which you can download from related documents on the right. ​

Download the Riverside Museum Treasure Hunt App!

Explore Riverside Museum by following the clues to collect gold, silver or bronze treasure tokens.  

Complete the Riverside Museum Treasure Hunt and receive a special prize - a gold Riverside Museum badge! l

3 Treasure Hunts available - Adults, Kids + Pre-school




Search for “Global Treasure Apps” on:




How it works

  • Download the FREE Global Treasure App to your mobile device or with our free onsite Wi-Fi

  • Or download this App before you visit the museum

  • Select the Riverside Museum Treasure Hunt
  • Choose the Adults, Kids or Pre-school  tour
Happy treasure hunting!
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