Highlights at Scotland Street School

Highlights at Scotland Street School

Within this architectural gem of a building, our themed classrooms are a fascinating insight into schooldays throughout the decades!

Victorian classroom

Designed to show a classroom when the school first opened in 1906, discover the teaching methods employed in the early part of the 20th Century.

World War II classroom

With tiered seating and shared desks, slates and inkwells, this classroom has been recreated to show how it would have looked during the war years.

50s/60s classroom

Our 50s and 60s classroom is quite different from our Second World War classroom. The floor is now flat, the walls are a bright colour and the children sit at individual desks. This will take some visitors back to their childhoods!

Cookery classroom

The cookery room has been restored to look as it did when the school first opened in 1906. Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed the room and the fitted furniture including the dresser you can see today. Girls between the ages of 12 and 14 learned cookery in this room as part of their housekeeping instruction lessons.

Mackintosh room

Discover more about the building of Scotland Street School and the man behind the architecture, including the fraught relationship between Mackintosh and the School Board of Glasgow, which commissioned the design and building of the school.  


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