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Glasgow 2061 - Have Your Say

A long term vision for Glasgow

Glasgow City Council has launched a major visionary ‘Future Glasgow’ initiative which will explore the prospects for the city over the next 50 years and look at the quality of life residents, workers and visitors might enjoy. This long term vision is to be driven by Glasgow citizens and stakeholders. It will complement other ongoing initiatives all of which aim to see the city continue to thrive and develop in a way that delivers the best possible outcomes for everyone. A strong and clear vision for Glasgow will help us achieve our objectives in the growth of the city by providing an overarching, longer term framework for strategic development.

Over the course of this year, a wide-ranging public consultation process will be taken forward, with specific events and an ongoing invitation to submit your views through a form which can be accessed from this website.  Having completed the initial consultation, a draft city vision will be produced in the autumn which will be available online for review.

For more information visit Future Glasgow - City Vision website.

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