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Kelvingrove Life Gallery re-display complete

The brand new re-display of the popular Life Gallery at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum will open to the public on Saturday (17 December). The gallery closed at the start of October to allow the second and final phase of the redesign to be completed. The first phase was completed and unveiled in April 2016. 
The creation of the new gallery has been a two-year project with the second phase including family-focused displays that allow visitors to journey through the story of flightless birds from Australasia; the incredible pilgrimage of leatherback turtles across the Pacific, the stunning scenery of the Arctic and how wildlife cleverly camouflages itself in that barren wilderness, together with exhibits on El Dorado, the Andes and more.
On completion of this final phase of work people visiting Kelvingrove Museum will be able to travel on a ‘Pole to Pole’ adventure as they wander through the redisplayed Life Gallery. 
Situated in the museum’s West Court, the Life Gallery is home to Sir Roger the Asian elephant and the Spitfire and is consistently one of the most popular areas for families and children in Kelvingrove.  Earlier this year several new displays were unveiled, allowing visitors to experience life in the Serengeti, the Indo-Malay tropical forests and Antarctica, the coldest place on earth, all in an afternoon.
Chair of Glasgow Life and Depute Leader of Glasgow City Council, Archie Graham OBE, said: “The completion of phase two of the re-display of the Life gallery at Kelvingrove Art Gallery will allow visitors to fully experience this new vision for the West court of the building and these items from Glasgow’s collection. The process, which started with the lowering and re-installation of the spitfire, is a reminder of how much flexibility the refurbishment of Kelvingrove allows. The gallery tells new stories and includes objects our research told us people wanted to see on display and which you can enjoy over the festive period and for years to come.” 
A public consultation highlighted that visitors wanted to know where in the world the animals on display come from, what they eat, how long they live and other ecological information.  The new displays will group animals, plants and some geological and world cultures objects from the same areas of the world in distinct eco-zones, and consider that migratory species may live in multiple eco-zones.  It is hoped this will give people a better understanding of what lives where and why and the relationships that exist between species, especially those which migrate, and the many barriers which prevent other animals moving from one eco-zone to another.
As one of Glasgow’s, and Scotland’s, most celebrated attractions, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is a cultural treasure at the heart of the city’s new Tourism and Visitor Plan, which aims to attract one million more tourists to Glasgow by 2023, creating thousands of new jobs and boosting the local economy. 
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