sitandknitabit at Tramway needs your knitting
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sitandknitabit at Tramway needs your knitting

sitandknitabit at Tramway


If you’re fast or slow, experienced or just learning – anyone can get involved.

Tell your friends and family and get clacking!
sitandknitabit is looking for men and women all over the world to collectively knit a 100 million stitch blanket in celebration of the Centenary of International Women’s Day on Tuesday 8 March 2011.
The blanket represents the 100 million women missing from today’s demography due to gender discrimination and knitting a square is a lovely way to remember or celebrate a woman.
sitandknitabit at Tramway urgently needs knitted squares by Tuesday 1 March. Your knitting will be on display at Tramway, as part of a beautiful, unique blanket, from the 8 to15 March 2011.  sitandknitabit has received 5 million stitches from 14 different countries. 95 million stitches are still to be gathered; 95 million women are yet to be represented.  With your help this target can be reached!
Please send in a knitted or crocheted square in any colour, style or pattern.  If you’ve never knitted or are out of practice why not ask a relative or friend or teach yourself with one of the many ‘how to’ links on YouTube. Knit like fury!
sitandknitabit is also looking for yarn and needles and from 1 March they need stitchers to create the magnificent blanket. All welcome.

After the event the knitting will be sold to raise money for 5 Women’s Charities:

  • Apne App, Care
  • The Fawcett Society
  • Glasgow Women’s Library
  • Women’s Support Project
All contact details and everything you need to know, including where to send the knitting, is at:
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