Original Gaelic Drama Production to Debut in Glasgow
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Original Gaelic Drama Production to Debut in Glasgow



A specially commissioned and site specific Gaelic drama will be performed in Glasgow for the first time in February. Às an Dorchadas has been created by Catriona Lexy Campbell working with actor Beth Frieden, Beathag Mhorisdean, Kenny Lindsay and Sandra Steel. Together with musicians from Scotland’s ground breaking traditional music organisation, Feisean nan Gaidheal, and Tramway, the project comes as part of Glasgow Life’s commitment to developing world class Gaelic Drama.


Following on from the work-in-progress at the Tron Theatre commissioned by Glasgow Life, Às an Dorchadas recreates a night spent during a power cut on an Island which often leads to magical nights of comedy, dramatic story telling and song created amongst the people in a house forced to provide their own entertainment after all lights and appliances go off. The audience at each performance will also become involved in what will become unique and magical experiences.


The premier of the show will be at a location in the south side of Glasgow on 25 February 2015 before heading off on tour to four other locations in Scotland in March, April and May. The audience for each night will arrive at Tramway before being taken to the location which is believed to be a first for Gaelic drama in Glasgow.


Às an Dorchadas is a GlaschuBeo Commission and co-production with Fèisean nan Gàidheal with funding from Maoin Lìonradh Dràma Ghàidhlig, the Gaelic Books Council and Glasgow City Council.


Councillor Archie Graham, Chair of Glasgow Life, said: “Nights spent creating your own entertainment when the power goes off will be a familiar part of life for many people from the Highlands and Islands. Às an Dorachadas will celebrate the creative ways people pass those hours and the very special collaborations that can result. The site specific setting for the show will immerse the audience in the drama and music as it unfolds for an unforgettable night.”


Catriona Lexy Campbell remembers when she was younger and living on the island of Lewis. When the power was cut, her father would ask her and her siblings to go and find an interesting object, book, or story from anywhere in the house and bring it back to the fire where they would share their findings. The ensuing fun enabled young creative minds to flourish and their imagination would run riot!


Catriona Lexy Campbell said: "Às an Dorchadas came about after spending several weeks back home in Lewis. The weather was characteristically stormy and there were several power-cuts. It reminded me of the many nights spent there as a child contending with the darkness; irritated at first by the loss of telly and electric lights but soon accepting our situation and taking joy in it. Taking this as the basis for a piece of theatre, the cast, collaborators and I will explore the limitations and possibilities of an electricity free play, staged in a unique venue in the city. Our hope is to recreate some of the magic of a power-cut for our audience as we take them in and out of the darkness."

Às an Dorchadas​ / Out of Darkness runs 26-28 February 2015 at an unspecified site in Glasgow. The audience will meet at Tramway before being transported to the venue. Tickets are £10/8 and are available from the Tramway box office on 0845 330 3501. Full details at www.tramway.org ​​​​​​
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