Glasgow fitness instructor launches new career as author
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Glasgow fitness instructor launches new career as author

A Glasgow fitness instructor has just fulfilled a lifetime ambition after having her first novel published. 

Joanne Jardine (27) spends her days working as a leisure attendant at the Glasgow Club Bellahouston but at night she has been honing her skills as a writer with immediate results. Unlike many authors who sometimes spend years writing and then trying to get their first novel published, Joanne’s debut offering, Brackets, was written and published in less than a year.

Despite the obvious time challenges brought about by working in Glasgow’s biggest gym, Joanne completed her book in six months and it was snapped up by the first publisher she sent it to. It is now available to buy from amazon ( as well as for download in kindle format. 

Brackets follows the life of New York fashion designer Kier Scott, who seems to have everything she could possibly wish for after landing her dream job and meeting her soul-mate. However, Keir slowly has to come to terms with a reality changes her views on everything in life as she discovers that meeting the love of your life doesn’t always bring a fairytale ending. 

Given its Big Apple setting, Brackets has already drawn comparisons with smash TV series Sex and the City, though it has very much been written by a West of Scotland girl with her own style, spice and brand of writing. It had always been an ambition of Joanne’s to write a novel but it was an unfortunate change of circumstances that gave her that final push to start putting her thoughts down on paper and she hasn’t looked back since. 

Joanne said: “I have always loved writing but had never dedicated the time to it. I was all set to move to a new job which fell through and I had five weeks on my hands before I started another job so I just started writing. The story seemed to unfold easily and before I knew it I had my first six chapters. 

“When I started working again it was difficult fitting in time to write. I was also training a lot but I just made sure I spent at least an hour a day typing and six months later I had finished. Training actually helped with the writing because a lot of the ideas in the story hit me when I was out running.”

Despite only receiving the first paperback copies of Brackets a few weeks ago Joanne has already got plans to continue her writing. And she has her heart set on producing a book that combines her two loves – writing and fitness. 

Joanne said: “When the first copy was delivered, it was a Saturday night and I had just returned home from work. I think I felt more disbelief than anything else because I couldn't stop flicking through the pages and thinking I actually wrote this! My parents were both there when I opened it so it was nice seeing them look so proud.

“I fully intend on continuing to write and have so many ideas I would love to explore and put down on paper. Writing is my own form of escapism and I would love to continue to create characters and situations that people can also escape with.  

“I would love to write about pushing through the boundaries and using sport and fitness as the backing for this. I love sport and fitness, almost as much as writing, and I feel I have grown a lot through sport and found out a lot about myself because of sport.”

SHN Publishing said: “We were instantly impressed by Joanne's manuscript. Her enthusiasm and desire to write is obvious. Joanne carefully constructs her work and packages it with a fine structure and feel. The delivery is excellent. Brackets is a nice easy flowing read that entails real-like characters and scenes. 

“It is also powerful in the way the story entwines two and three-way relationships. Joanne may be young in age but the maturity in her style, brand and talent stands out and makes Brackets a highly-impressive read from a highly-impressive author.”

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