Vettriano Portrait at Kelvingrove

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Vettriano Portrait at Kelvingrove

​A self portrait by the popular Scottish artist Jack Vettriano is going on display at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Self Portrait V has been loaned to the museum by a private owner. It is the first time a work by Vettriano, who is acknowledged across the world as Scotland’s best known living artist has been on display at Kelvingrove.
Self Portrait V was created in the 1990’s and is in the Looking at Art Gallery at Kelvingrove, where a broad range of visual art is presented. In this self portrait Jack Vettriano shows himself in his working clothes, a contrast to the glamorous, perfectly dressed ladies and gentlemen in the pictures for which he is best known.
The painting will be on public display from Thursday (August 18).
The painting belongs to Miles and Marina Turner who have loaned it to Kelvingrove for up to three years. Marina Turner said: "I grew up spending my childhood in Kelvingrove and feel I owe the gallery a huge debt.  I am delighted to be giving something back."
Councillor George Redmond, Chair of Glasgow Life said: “Jack Vettriano is without doubt Scotland’s best known living artist and as such deserves a place among the masterpieces at Kelvingrove. We always endeavour to bring new audiences to Kelvingrove to see the treasures that Glasgow’s Museums Collection holds and this loan will help us to do that.”
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