Glasgow Life's Equality Policy

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Glasgow Life's Equality Policy

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Glasgow Life's Equality Policy outlines the Company's approach to ensure fair and equal access to both employment and service opportunities.  It focuses on the 6 key equality strands of age, disability, gender, faith, race and sexual orientation. The supporting Action Plan sets out the specific actions Glasgow Life will undertake to promote equality.

The following documents are available in PDF format for downloading:

Draft Glasgow Life Equality Policy​

Draft Glasgow Life Equality Policy and Action Plan

Draft Glasgow Life Mainstreaming Equalities Action Plan

To view these documents you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be freely downloaded from the Adobe website.

Progress Reports


Additional Resources

Glasgow’s Learning About Equalities is an on-line toolkit that provides key information on community learning and equalities.  It can be used as a reference, as a development tool for staff, or to help plan services.  Visit Glasgow's Learning about Equalities website.

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