Can You Function Without It?

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Can You Function Without It?

​​​A dynamic fitness experience guaranteed to work muscles you never knew you had!

Since its launch FT Fit has become a massive hit with Glasgow Club members.

FT stands for Functional Training. 

These intensive fitness sessions focus on training the body to work more efficiently by using series of movements as opposed to isolated muscle actions. 

In other words exercises which involves training the body for the activities performed in daily life. 

It’s a fun way to exercise as it is different to most other types of gym work or class. 

We use: 

  • weighted bags
  • kettlebells
  • Viprs
  • Bosu boards
  • suspension training
  • boxing techniques 

…..and much more to create a full body workout which will help the client to lose weight and tone up.

The FT Fit class is small group training which means the instructor can focus on people’s techniques ensuring they are performing the exercises safely and correctly to maximum effects.

The following centres currently run classes (with more being added all the time):

Fitness Class Timetables
Personal Training
Joint the Glasgow Club
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