It's time for tabata™

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It's time for tabata™




Record Breakers!


More than 600 people became world record breakers at the Glasgow Club on Monday 27th January.

Huge crowds of fitness fanatics crammed into the Emirates Arena to take part in the world’s biggest ever mass participation tabata™ exercise class.

The high intensity workout lasted just four minutes – but that was enough for 623 people to write their names into the record books. Tabata™ involves short, sharp bursts of exercise and has become the latest fitness craze after being scientifically proven as the most effective way to get fit.

People from all over Glasgow and beyond travelled to the Emirates Arena to play their part in setting a new world record. Paul Wilson, 31, from Alexandria, Dunbartonshire, said: “I didn’t think ​​​a four minute exercise session would be very hard – but that really was punishing.

“It was amazing working out alongside so many people in the one big room. Everywhere you turned there were red, sweaty faces – but everyone seemed to love tabata.

“I always knew I’d be a record breaker one day, it was just a matter of time!”

Shannon Cordiner, 20, from Aberdeen, said: “I loved it. It was a shame it only lasted four minutes because I wanted to keep going.

“I liked the variety of movements involved in the class because I’m a dancer. It’s totally different to any other class I’ve taken before and I’d definitely give it a go again.”

Glasgow Club hosted the unique event to celebrate launching the tabata™ programme at its venues across the city.



About tabata™





It's by no means an easy workout, but train hard and with tabata™ you'll soon see some amazing results.



There's a science to this......



Professor Tabata is the pioneer behind the tabata™ protocol, clinical trials have proven that tabata™ is THE best way to get fit fast and that tabata™ is THE best form of tested high intensity interval training.



Professor Tabata himself has been closely involved in the creation of the exercise routines that are part of this ‘official’ tabata™ system. Thrilled by the interest that many fitness professionals had shown in his research, Professor Tabata had also been keen to make sure that they followed his methodology correctly to get the best results. He says that many so-called tabata™ workouts are not the real deal, so he wanted to put his name to a system that would be truly authentic and this is what we are bringing to Glasgow Club.


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