Take a Dip

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Take a Dip

Take a Dip


Swimming is a brilliant way to squeeze in some extra exercise.
Did you know that a quick 20 minute swim will get your body working aerobically and start your metabolism working, burning away some of those extra pounds. And if you have an hour, a session in the pool should burn around 500 calories.
Swimming is just one of the best all round exercises you’ll find. The resistance from the water ensures your upper and lower body are both working helping to tone the muscles. And the support you get from the water also means there is very little stress on your bones and joints.
Because you’re training aerobically that heart of yours will be working harder, getting stronger by the minute and it will encourage better breathing control and improve your lung function.
But best of all though – anyone can do it. Even if you are not a confident swimmer, taking a walk up and down the shallow end will benefit the body. And if you feel like you need a bit of work on your technique then there are lessons for everyone, adults and children alike.

Remember with a Fitness Unlimited Membership you get FREE use of the swimming pools, as do children under 16 and people over 60.
For details on swimming lessons, pool timetables or just a bit of advice check swimming.   

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