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The Squat-Perfector

Squat with barbell Squat with barbell

Face The Wall Squats

Everybody can do squats, right? Well, no actually. Slight variations like leaning forwards too much, or not squatting deep enough can seriously reduce the effectiveness of this versatile exercise. A proper squat is harder than you think, but it’s so important to get right if you want to reap the benefits such as core and lower body toning, and increased fat burn.

So train yourself into a squatting pro with this one move. Our basic aims here are for a straight back and a low squat.

1. Face the wall, about a foot away (closer if you can) with your feet a shoulder width apart and slightly turned out. 

2. Pushing your hips back, move into the full squat position (basically as low as you can go). The key here is not to let your knees, head or body to touch the wall. 

3. Keep your knees in line with your toes, and your chest up. Your spine needs to be in a neutral position, so not arched or rounded. To do this, it really helps to engage your core, so pull those stomach muscles in! 

4. If you do touch the wall (and you’re likely to do so at first), just correct your position and hold it again. 

5. Give yourself a little break and try, try again! 

6. Take yourself away from the wall. Ask a friend to watch you squat. Are you holding the same position as when you were facing the wall? 

Once you think you’ve got it, head along to a Lift It class and try adding weights! Or if the Lift It class times don't suit you, any kind of weight will help you make the most of your squats session - dumbells, medicine balls, weighted bags, kettlebells - you name it, you can squat with it!   


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