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Zumba Masterclass Bellahouston
It would seem the world has gone Zumba crazy. Everyone is getting involved, but what is it?
I’m sure many of you have been down to a class at your local Glasgow Club but for those that don’t know Zumba is a dance based fitness session inspired by the traditional cumbia, salsa, samba and meringue music that founder, Alberto “Beto” Perez grew up with.
Created in the 90’s by Columbian native Perez, a celebrity fitness trainer and choreographer for international pop stars, Zumba, which is Spanish slang for “to move fast and have fun”, mixes Latin rhythms with red hot dance steps.
This exercise craze is sweeping the country, but don’t take our word for it, we have had some amazing responses from some of our customers -   
Glasgow Club member - Claire Stanton:
"I have to admit – I have joined the fast growing number of women who are obsessed with Zumba!
I went along to my first class last night, and was amazed to find myself with 70 other women excitedly waiting to get started on the new craze sweeping the nation! The majority of us were Zumba first timers, all with varying levels of fitness, but it didn’t matter at all once we got started. I can honestly say I have never laughed so much, or had so much fun, while exercising!!
I was a bit worried beforehand about my extreme lack of co-ordination, but it actually just added to the fun – trying to figure out which leg went there and what my arms were supposed to do, and when I managed to do a routine correctly I was rather proud of myself! We had a fantastic teacher for the class who really made it feel like fun rather than a workout (although I did work up quite a sweat!)
As soon as I got home I went online and booked myself into next week’s class, I have definitely caught the Zumba bug!
So if you've not tried it why not get down and have a go, we're sure you'll love it. 

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