3 Reasons to Exercise Outside

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3 Reasons to Exercise Outside

Running Network and Bootcamp now included in your Unlimited Fitness MembershipRunning Network and Bootcamp

There’s no doubt that the gym is convenient (especially with 22 Glasgow Clubs across the city!). All the latest fitness equipment is under one roof, you’ve got your showers, lockers and a handy place to keep your water bottle when you’re runnin​g on the treadmill. It’s a fitness-focussed environment with experts on hand to give you tips and advice, not to mention the gazillions of fun and challenging classes on offer. 

BUT with summer in full swing (it’s sunny at the time of writing!) let’s take a look at the benefits of taking your exercise outdoors. 

It makes you happy! 

A whole host of studies have shown that regular outdoor workouts increase your sense of vitality, enthusiasm, happiness and self esteem as well as lowering tension, depression and tiredness. 

You work harder

Outdoor exercise tends to be more strenuous than its indoor equivalent. Studies have shown that treadmill runners use less energy to cover the same distance as those running outside. This is mainly due to wind resistance and the varied outdoor terrain. So you’ll work harder without spending extra time on your fitness routine – great for a fast-track beach body! 

Good for your teeth and bones

We all need vitamin D to regulate calcium in our bodies, to keep our bones and teeth healthy. And the main source is free – sunlight! A fan of multi-tasking? Then head out for a run and top up your vit D levels all at once. Plus the sun is a fail-safe mood enhancer. 

The downside 

So now you have 3 good reasons to mix up your routine and combine outdoor exercise with your usual gym activities. But are you thinking . . .?

I only really like going to classes, I can’t do that outside can I?

I find it hard to motivate myself to run if the weather’s not so good/without
 a treadmill keeping the pace.  

I don’t like running, what else can I do outside? 

I’ll miss my gym pals!

Yes? Then you have to read on. 

The saviour! 

The Running Network and Bootcamp sessions are now included, free, in the Glasgow Club unlimited membership. 

With the Running Network you can join a coach-led group in your area. The groups cater for a variety of abilities and distances, so you can pick a session that suits you best. Social and friendly, joining the running network makes it so much easier to get yourself out the door, especially when it’s dull n’ grey out there! Did we mention it’s free with your unlimited membership . . .? Find your nearest group. 

For you fitness class fans, Bootcamp provides a tough but fun mix of strength and cardio training with a good dose of camaraderie thrown in, designed to whip you into shape so you can look and feel great this summer. Find your nearest bootcamp. 


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