Make 2013 a Goal-den Year

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Make 2013 a Goal-den Year

Make 2013 a Goal-den Year

“There is​ no point starting a journey without a destination.”

That old phrase has never been more appropriate than when talking about your fitness regime. So take this opportunity to make 2013 the year you set some goals and you’ll be amazed at how much it helps your development.

In all aspects of life we have to set goals, from studying for exams to setting deadlines for a work project or moving house. So why not carry this over to your training.

How to Set Goals

When setting goals remember to use the famous acronym: SMART.  In other words they should be:

S = Specific: “Get fit” for example is too vague. Use something like “Complete 20 minutes on the treadmill at 10km per hour.”

M = Measurable: Use numbers detailing how often, how many, how much.

A = Action-Oriented: These are the actions you need to take to achieve your goals.

R = Realistic:  Make your goals moderately difficult, but reachable. There’s not point making your goal “break marathon world record” if you haven’t even jogged in 15 years!

T = Timely: Create goals that you can reach in a reasonable time so you can monitor your progress. For example, saying you want to be able to swim 50 lengths non stop in 5 years time is too long a period.

A really good hint is to write down your goals and pin it up somewhere you will see it everyday. Keep a training diary and mark in what you did each day (even if it’s only a couple of sit ups!). And tell others about your goals as studies show you are much more likely to stick at it if others know what you are trying.

If you need some help setting or achieving your goals then why not book some Glasgow Club Personal Training sessions. They will be able to give you some great advice to ensure you’re training programme is up to scratch. Click here for more information.

Make 2013 your Goal-den Year!!  

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