It's All About Timing

By now most of you will be aware of the importance of staying hydrated during exercise. But how many of you take a bottle of water into your fitness class and don’t start drinking it until you are halfway through.
Well did you know it actually takes around twenty minutes after drinking for a fluid to get into your system and help improve your performance. Therefore, if you are waiting until you are thirsty it is already too late.
The next time you have a class or are visiting the gym why not try drinking half a litre of water or sports drink in advance and see how much better you feel.
Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to stop drinking during classes as this will help you rehydrate afterwards.
A good home made sports drink can be made quite simply:
  • 100ml of fresh orange juice
  • Teaspoon of honey
  • Pinch of salt
  • Top up to 500ml with water
And what about other sport supplements? Well if you are a fan of protein shakes it’s recommended that you consume these within half an hour of finishing your exercise to give you the maximum benefit.
If you are taking caffeine this should be consumed around an hour before exercise to give it time to get into your system.
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