Pool Activities

Spring Holiday Activity Programme

Come along and have fun with our pool inflatable and flume sessions

Customer information: Children under 8 years must be accompanied by an adult at all times, supervising adults pay normal swim price.  Please contact your centre for further information on terms and conditions.

Cost? ​£1.75 per session or FREE with GKC
Except Rookie Lifeguard £4.10 or £3.85 with GKC / GYSC per session
Except Snorkelling £20.85 per week or £19.50 with GKC / GYSC or £13.85 conc.
How do I book? These sessions are Pay As You Go, pay at reception on the day.
Week 1: 07/04 - 11/04

​Venue ​Day ​Time ​Activity ​For ages
​Glasgow Club Bellahouston
Friday ​2-4pm ​Pool Disco
8 years+
Glasgow Club Easterhouse Pool
​Monday - Friday ​1.30-2.30pm ​Flume or Inflatable Session
8-15 years
​Glasgow Club Gorbals Monday 1.30-3pm Fun, Floats & Flumes
8-15 years

​2-3pm Aqua Run 8-15 years

Wednesday 1.30-3pm Fun, Floats & Flumes
​8-15 years
​1.30-3pm Fun, Floats & Flume​ 8-15 years​

​Friday 1.30-3pm ​Fun, Floats & Flumes 8-15 years
​Glasgow Club Pollok ​Monday - Friday 2-3pm ​Fun Session 8-15 years
​Glasgow Club Springburn ​Wednesday ​5-6pm ​Rookie Lifeguard* 8-15 years

Monday - Friday
​1.30-2.30pm Water Features, Cannon etc
​8-15 years

  *Rookie Lifeguard taster session: Learn how to develop skills and knowledge in water safety, rescue resuscitation and life saving skills.

Week 2: 14/04 - 18/04

​Venue Day​ ​Time Activity​ For ages​
​Glasgow Club Bellahouston
Friday​ 2-4pm​ Pool Disco​ 8 years +​
​Glasgow Club Castlemilk Pool
​Monday ​1.30-2.30pm Inflatable​ 8 years +​
​Tuesday 1.30-2.30pm ​Water Wakerz
8 years +​
Thursday​ 1.30-2.30pm ​Water Wakerz
8 years +​
Friday​ 1.30-2.30pm ​Inflatable 8 years +​
​Glasgow Club Easterhouse Pool Monday - Friday​ 1.30-2.30pm​ Flume or Inflatables​ 8-15 years​
​Glasgow Club Gorbals
​Monday ​1.30-3pm ​Fun., Floats & Flumes
8-15 years​
​Tuesday ​2-3pm ​Aqua Run
8-15 years​
​Wednesday 1.30-3pm ​Fun, Floats & Flumes
8-15 years​
​Thursday 1.30-3pm Fun, Floats & Flumes​ 8-15 years​
​Friday 1.30-3pm ​Fun, Floats & Flumes
8-15 years​
​Glasgow Club Pollok
Monday - Friday​ 9.30-10.30am​ Snorkelling​* 8-15 years
​10.30-11.30am Snorkelling*​ 8-15 years
 *Snorkelling - 8 spaces are available.  Pool test must be completed before course begins.

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