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Latest Service Updates

***Customer Notice*** Glasgow Club Gorbals swimming pool closed until further notice. Keep checking back for further updates. ​

Gorbals Pool Reopening Date

The team have been (and still are) working hard to repair the services and equipment damaged by the issue at Glasgow Club Gorbals before Christmas.

Specialists have reached the stage they can give a clearer idea of how long the last steps will take and we expect to be able to reopen the swimming pool on Friday 20th January.

Thanks so much for your patience – we look forward to getting you back in the water!

***Customer Notice*** Unfortunately, our wave machine at Glasgow Club Pollok will be out of action for the foreseeable future. We’re really sorry – and we know this will be disappointing for some of you – but it’s important that we take the time to do a complete review and repair of the machine so it’s completely safe. This’ll also mean you’ll be able to enjoy it in future without further interruptions. We’re working as quickly as we can to get it fixed, and we’ll let you know as soon as we have an update. Thanks for your patience.

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