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Shooting is a tense sport that requires immense reserves of skill, concentration and nerve. Strength, stamina, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills are all improved by taking part.  As shooting events rely on mental power, people of all ages can compete against each other on equal terms.

To learn the techniques involved in pistol and rifle events, beginners are advised to try out the National Rifle Association of Great Britain's probationary courses for membership.

The three-month-long programme provides a good grounding in all the NRA shooting disciplines including Target Rifle, F-Class rifle, Gallery Rifle and Muzzle-Loading revolver. You will also learn how to safely handle the guns.

You can find your nearest club on the National Rifle Association of Great Britain's club finder.

Visi NRA website »

To ensure safety, it is vital all sessions are overseen by qualified trainers.  Many clubs offer free taster sessions. As gun ownership is strictly licensed in the United Kingdom, you can rent equipment from clubs, with members often hiring guns at concessionary rates.

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