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A sport with an ancient tradition, Wrestling is a competition of strength, suppleness and raw power. You need excellent focus to outwit their opponent.

Wrestling provides a full-body workout that raises the heart rate to help improve cardiovascular fitness, reflexes, balance and timing. This form of exercise improves stamina, lowers blood pressure and helps move oxygen throughout the body more effectively.

The efforts involved in wrestling will see approximately 450 calories burned during a 45-minute training session. This helps remove fat deposits from the body. The throws and holds involved in wrestling provide an effective form of self-defence training. It also teaches people to maintain their cool and think clearly in moments of physical combat. Many competitions are team-based, meaning wrestling is an excellent way to develop communication skills and learn to work effectively with other people as you train in groups. Clubs also offer a variety of social events beyond simply playing the sport.

To ensure safety, it is recommended that knee pads, elbow pads and headgear are worn at all times. Beginners can just wear shorts and t-shirt for their first few sessions before buying specialised wrestling shoes and a singlet at a later date.

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