Basketball Clubs

Basketball Clubs

Throughout Glasgow, clubs operate offering differing levels of participation and competition to a variety of age groups and abilities.  Clubs are active in recruitment and welcome all new players, coaches and volunteers.  Clubs provide Basketball competition opportunities at Local and National League Level for:

  • Cadet / Junior Girls and Boys (under 16/18)
  • Senior Men and Women

Junior Clubs

Cuckoo Basketball Club

A Club Mark accredited club based in the southside of Glasgow with members starting at 9 years till 17 years. 

​Day ​Time ​Venue ​Age ​Level
​Monday ​5.30-7.00pm
Shawlands Academy ​U14 ​Local/National
​Monday ​6.00-7.00pm ​Shawlands Academy ​U12 ​Recreational
​Monday ​7.00-9.00pm ​Shawlands Academy ​U18 ​Local/National
​Tuesday ​5.30-7.00pm ​Shawlands Academy ​U15 ​Loca/National
​Tuesday ​7.00-9.00pm ​Shawlands Academy ​U18 ​Local/National
​Tuesday ​6.00-7.00pm ​St Fillian's Primary RC ​U12 ​Recreational
​Wednesday ​5.30-7.00pm ​Shawlands Academy ​U12 ​Local/National
​Wednesday ​6.00-8.00pm Notre Dame High School ​U16 ​Local/National
​Thursday ​5.30-7.00pm Shawlands Academy ​U14 ​Local/National

Glasgow City Basketball Club

A Club Mark accredited Basketball Club that welcomes all ages and abilities, who believe that Basketball should be open and accessible to all.  Beginners welcome at Recreational competition level.  Volunteers who wish to be involved in the Club are also welcome.

​Day ​Time ​Venue ​Age ​Level
​Wednesday ​5.00-6.45pm Eastbank Academy ​U16 ​Local League
​Thursday ​7.00-8.45pm ​Eastbank Academy ​U16 Men ​National League Division 1
​Thursday ​7.00-8.45pm ​Eastbank Academy ​U18 Men
​Local League
​Friday ​5.00-6.45pm Eastbank Academy ​U16 ​Local League
​Saturday ​10.30am - 12.15pm ​Eastbank Academy ​U14 ​Regional Development League
​Saturday ​10.30am - 12.15pm ​Eastbank Academy ​U12 ​Regional Development Leave
​Saturday ​10.30am - 12.15pm Eastbank Academy ​U10 ​Regional Development Leave

Glasgow Eagles (Special Needs) Sports Club

A Club Mark accreditated Club is open to all ages and abilities where coaching, volunteering, competition and recreational activities are available.

​Day ​Time ​Venue ​Age ​Level
​Monday ​8.00-9.30pm St Thomas Aquinas Secondary School
​Senior Men ​Recreational + Local League
​Thursday ​4.30-6.00pm Glasgow Club Donald Dewar ​Juniors + Additional Needs ​Recreational
​Thursday ​7.00-9.00pm ​Drumchapel Secondary School
​Ladies ​Local League
​Saturday ​10.00am - 12.00pm ​Drumchapel Leisure Centre ​Senior Men ​Local League
​Saturday ​12.00-2.00pm Glasgow Club Donald Dewar
​Special Needs ​Recreational

Glasgow Fever Basketball Club

Glasgow Fever run a number of practice sessions during the week, catering for many different age groups and levels of experience.


​Time ​Venue ​Age ​Level
​Monday ​5.00-6.00pm Douglas Academy
​U10 + U12
​Monday ​5.30-6.30pm Notre Dame High School ​U12 ​Participation
​Monday ​5.30-6.30pm Notre Dame High School ​U10 ​Regional Leagues
​Tuesday ​5.00-7.00pm Notre Dame High School ​U16 Participation​
​Wednesday ​5.00-7.00pm Cleveden Secondary ​U14 ​Participation
​Wednesday ​5.00-7.00pm Cleveden Secondary ​U12 ​Regional Leagues
​Thursday ​4.00-4.45pm Cleveden Secondary ​U8 ​Participation
​Thursday ​5.00-6.45pm ​Hillhead High School ​U12 ​Participation
​Thursday ​5.00-6.45pm ​Hillhead High School
​U10 ​Regional League

Glasgow Rocks (Junior and Cadet Men)

Glasgow Rocks provide participation and development opportunities for junior boys, new members welcome at their open session at:

​Day ​Time ​Venue ​Age
​Tuesday ​5.30-7.30pm Anniesland College ​U14
​Tuesday ​7.30-9.30pm ​Anniesland College ​U18
​Thursday ​7.00-9.00pm ​Anniesland College ​U16
​Saturday ​1.00-3.00pm ​Jordanhill School ​U14
​Saturday ​3.00-5.00pm ​Jordanhill School ​14-18yrs

Glasgow Storm Basketball Club

Glasgow Storm Basketball Club teams compete in the Scottish National League and the Strathclyde local league.

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Seniors (18+ years old)

Cuckoo Basketball Club

Based in the southside of Glasgow.  Training is at:

​Friday ​5.30-7.00pm Shawlands Academy ​U23

Glasgow City Basketball Club

All players are welcome at all ages and abilities.  Training is at:

​Tuesday ​7.00-8.45pm Eastbank Academy ​Senior Women ​Local League
​Wednesday ​7.00-8.45pm Eastbank Academy ​Senior Men ​Local League

Glasgow Fever Basketball Club

Senior women's team playing in the Strathclyde League and Cup.

​Monday 6.30-7.30pm
Notre Dame High School
​Thursday ​7.00-9.00pm ​Hillhead High School ​Senior Women ​Strathclyde League & Cup
​Friday ​7.00-9.00pm ​Cleveden Secondary School ​Senior Men ​Local League

Glasgow Storm Basketball Club

The teams of this club compete in the Scottish National League with the Strathclyde local league, both male and female teams at various levels.

​Sunday 5.00-8.00pm
Glasgow Club Scotstoun ​Senior Men ​National League
​Monday ​7.00-9.00pm Glasgow Club Scotstoun ​Ladies ​Local League
​Monday ​7.00-9.00pm ​St Thomas Aquinas Secondary ​Senior Men ​National League
​Wednesday ​7.00-9.00pm Springburn Academy ​Senior Men
​National League
​Friday ​7.00-9.00pm ​Notre Dame High School ​Junior / Senior Men ​Local League

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