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Mentoring is often highlighted as one of the most effective means to keep coaches involved in sport long term.

It can be defined as a developmental and sharing relationship where one person invests their time and understanding to develop another person's growth and skills. In summary, mentors help coaches to recognise and maximize their learning.

Glasgow Sport Coach Mentoring Programme

The overall aim of this programme is to increase participation in a range of sports by supporting the development of volunteer coaches within priority clubs. The programme is developed with the use of persona​l development plans, in addition to general observations and feedback on coaching that specific sport. Mentors will work with coaches to develop both their own skills and that of the coach. In addition, a senior mentor will oversee the programme in order to provide advice and experience.

Clubs involved in mentoring

These are the sports and clubs involved in Glasgow Sport's Coach Mentoring Programme:

​ Sport Club
​Badminton ​Shuttleworks Cockburn
​Basketball ​Glasgow Storm Basketball
​Hockey ​Clydeside Hockey Club
​Table Tennis
​Drumchapel Table Tennis Club
​Gymnastics Drumchapel Gymnastics Club​
​Volleyball Su Ragazzi Volleyball Club​
​Judo ​Glasgow Judo Club


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