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GSYL Nominator Information

Nominator Information

Nominator Information​

All applicants for the Glasgow Sport Young Leaders Programme are required to be nominated for the programme
by a suitable person, such as:

  1. Active Schools Co-ordinator
  2. Area Service Officer – Health and Physical Activity Officer and Youth Services
  3. Sports Leadership Awards Co-ordinator
  4. Sports Club/ Club Coach
  5. Sports Development Officer – Target Sports Development/ Club, Coach and
  6. Volunteer (CCV)
  7. PE/Guidance Teacher

Recruitment for the Glasgow Sport Young Leaders programme will open on Monday 13th August.




If you are planning on nominating someone for the project then please follow these guidelines:

  • Please ensure that the applicant you are nominating is eligible for the programme, the criteria for applying is as follows:
  1. Applicants must be 14 - 18 years old
  2. Currently volunteering in sport (at least once per month).
  • Please complete Form B which MUST be submitted along with the application form (FORM A) by Wednesday 5th September.
  • You are able to nominate more than 1 young person.

Please note: If you nominate a young person for this project, we may contact you for further information regarding their application.

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