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Frequently Asked Questions

What is volunteering?




Volunteering is "any activity that involves spending time, unpaid, doing something that aims to benefit the environment or someone (individuals or groups) other than, or in addition to, close relatives."



What do volunteers in sport do?


Sports volunteers are one of the largest contributors to the voluntary sector. The volunteers will be an integral part in the build up to the Commonwealth Games 2014, by improving the quality of the sports and physical activity infrastructure in Glasgow


There are many different voluntary roles within Glasgow Sport. There are lots of technical posts such as coaching and officiating where you need some previous knowledge of the sport, specific training and qualifications. But there are a host of other positions available where previous sporting knowledge is by no means essential. Sport clubs need volunteers to help with looking after the finances, creating publicity, attracting sponsorship, designing web sites, helping get players to fixtures, making lunches and teas or just being on hand to provide support at one-off events.



How much of my time will it take?


There is flexibility for you to volunteer the amount of time you wish. This can be further discussed with the Sports Development Team.



What if I can't play sport?


It is not a problem if you can't play sport as there is a demand for volunteers to help clubs, organisations, and leagues develop in countless ways. You could be involved in helping to secure sponsorship, develop websites, arrange fixtures and improve administration. Volunteering in sport is not just about active participation, it is about using the skills you have to assist with the development of sports clubs.



What kind of training will I receive?


This will depend on the role that you take on; the training offered will vary to meet the needs of the role.



Do I need Disclosure Scotland check?


If you volunteer within a role that involves you being in charge of children or vulnerable adults then a Disclosure Scotland Check will apply and Glasgow Sport will administer this.

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