VIP Highlights

VIP Highlights 2010 - 2012

The Volunteer Improvement Programme is run by Glasgow Sport and looks to provide opportunities for volunteers to be the best they can be through training, support and mentoring.
VIP has been running since 2010 and over the 2 years it has ran, the programme has supported 42 volunteers to develop themselves. This year the VIP’s provided the following feedback :
  • 100% of VIP’s would recommend the course to volunteers for next year
  • 100% of VIP’s feel the course improved their volunteering/coaching experience
  • 95% of VIP’s feel the course enhanced their employability​

Induction evening 

Volunteers gathered to meet one another and took part in group workshops. The workshops were structured so the volunteers could provide feedback to shape the programme for the year. 

VIP has been awarded the Olympic Games Inspiremark status.  As part of this VIP’s were invited along to the Inspire Scotland Day where they met world record triple jump holder and Olympian, Jonathans Edwards and Shona Robinson the Sports Minster for Commonwealth Games and Sport .  

Volunteers in action below at one of the Development Evenings with
Hugh Watson at the Glasgow Club Kelvinhall.

As part of the programme volunteers were asked to volunteer at a number of different events run by the Glasgow Sport Development Team. Below are the volunteers at the Go Yellow Day event in Bellahouston Park.  

VIP Testimonials

VIP has provided me with some fantastic opportunities and allowed me to develop my coaching. Not only has it given me skills and knowledge within sport, it has given me life skills. Rohanna Irvine

Without the support of the V.I.P. scheme I would quite simply not have been able to take the course (football B Licence).  Most significantly, this qualification and relevant experience has enabled me to realise a dream and gain the type of job I really wanted. John Prince

Fantastic experience that has helped me to improve as a person and a coach. Hope Gourlay

I have enjoyed meeting new people and networking through the programme. It has given me a unique experience that I have enjoyed. Kym Burgess

I feel that after the project and associating with new people, I find it much easier to promote myself to potential employee’s about my qualities as a coach. Also when I take part in events I feel a lot more confident in my ability. Mark McKinnon

Volunteer Case Study 

Stephanie Greenhorn (Harmony Row Netball Club, Volunteer Coach)

I joined the VIP not knowing exactly what to expect from the programme.  However, after the induction meeting, which was great fun and very informative, I realised that I could really benefit from this programme and it could really help my coaching.  Being on this programme has enabled me to boost my confidence, helped me to gain new coaching qualifications and gave me the opportunity to be involved in a number of events.  I have really benefited from having a support officer from Glasgow Sport who provided direction and advice. I would certainly recommend the VIP to coaches out there looking for support and advice to assist them on their coaching journey.  

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