Hillhead CSH

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Hillhead CSH

SPORTS OFFERED: Cricket, Tennis, Rugby Union, Shinty, Ultimate Frisbee

The Hub was created to assist to promote and development new and existing activities at Hillhead Community Sports Club raising the profile of the organisation within the local community.

•To effectively promote and raise the profile of Hillhead Community Sports Hub within the local community.

•To provide a platform for hub clubs and activity providers to work collectively to meet the needs of the Hub and wider community.

•To provide members and local people access to a home for sport offering a wide range of sports and physical activities for all within the community

•To develop strong partnerships with local schools, partners, community groups & organisations within the local community.

•To create a successful Community Sport Enterprise who is forward thinking and collaborative in their approach.

•Creating a long term sustainable sports organisation.

If you are interested in more information about Hillhead CSH or how to get involved the contact clubandvolunteer@glasgowlife.org.uk

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