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What is Clubmark?

Clubmark is Glasgow Sports accreditation scheme for clubs. It is a quality mark that sets minimum standards for coaching, administration and child protection for all clubs. All sports clubs, should consider working towards Clubmark.

The scheme helps clubs to improve and is a good indication to a parent that the club is well run and a good place to send their child to play sport.  As awareness of the scheme grows, more and more parents are seeking out Clubmark to help them make choices.  

More than 70 clubs have registered with Clubmark since it's inception in 2010, shouldn't yours be one of them? 

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Clubmark Levels of Accreditation


Get Active


This is the 1st level of accreditation and focuses on the minimum operating standards clubs should have in place for the management of areas such as child protection and health and safety. Clubs working through this level of accreditation are provide with a toolkit of resources that will enable them to provide a safe environment for young people.


Be Active


This is the 2nd level of accreditation and to gain accreditation clubs are required to show evidence of the procedures they have in place for the management of their club. The main focus of  this level is to help clubs grow by encouraging them to put in place measures that allow them to do so   

Why should my club achieve Clubmark?



  • Dedicated support from Glasgow Sport to grow your club
  • Use of the Clubmark Logo
  • To have your club promoted through the Glasgow Sport Website
  • Free membership of the Sports Council for Glasgow
  • Eligible to apply for a £750, Sports Council Glasgow Grant

What do Clubs say about Clubmark?

"Clubmark has helped us to identify the good work the club already does as well as help us to build towards achieving higher standards in the future.”
Glasgow City Basketball Clubs








If you would like more information on Clubmark or to apply, please contact or telephone 0800 027 047​0.​​​​​​

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