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The highlights for me so far have definitely been meeting so many new people and becoming close friends with the vast majority of them and sharing our experiences with each other


"Coach Core has benefited me in that I am now able to gain better access to different styles of coaching, the correct mentoring in coaching and better accessibility for getting qualifications.
It has affected my life for the better, before I got into Coach Core I would sit in the house all day and do nothing, I was bored and depressed, but now that I’m in Coach Core I have a chance to get out and be active almost every day of the week and help other people be active, it’s improved my health and my well being.
The highlights for me so far have definitely been meeting so many new people and becoming close friends with the vast majority of them and sharing our experiences with each other."
Jon Beck, 17


"Coach Core has benefited me in a number of different ways. It has helped me be more involved in sport in Glasgow, meet other coaches my age who have other experiences different to mine and to learn so much more about what goes on with basketball in Glasgow. It’s a great opportunity and I’m glad I got the chance."
Rudi McWhirr, 18


"Coach Core has drastically affected my life, before the programme I was always keen on getting a sports job however I didn't know where to begin finding one. When I heard about the programme through a previous course I was on, I instantly took my chance to get on it. The interview process was really fun getting to meet lots of new people, and thankfully I was able to prove myself worthy of a place on the programme. Coach Core has benefited me in so many ways; I had little coaching experience and already just 4 months in I've gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience, it's also made me so much more confident as a person and I trust myself more to do more challenging tasks. My highlight of Coach Core has to be the people I'm on it with, every single one of them are such great people to be around and it motivates me more having similar people around you chasing the same goal. All in all Coach Core has made such a great impact on my life and I'm so grateful for the opportunity."
Andrew Jerrett, 17


"Coach Core has benefited me in many ways. Before Coach Core I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but since I have been on this programme I have learned so much about life and what employment is all about and how much you can influence someone’s life by just coaching them and showing them that you are willing to take the time and effort to help them and be a good role model."
Declan Gilmour, 18


"Coach Core overall has benefited in a number of ways, firstly gaining valuable experience in the coaching world; before I was on Coach Core I was only exposed to 3-4 hours of coaching a week, now it is over 30. I’m on Coach Core for a year so it gives me the time I need to create a network of head coaches and high end people.
Coach Core has affected me in a working manner; it has matured me as a person due to me having to behave in a certain manner in front of my participants , it has also help me feel older by paying my own bills etc. The highlights so far during Coach Core are definitely meeting so many coaches around my age and having the goals and we all strive for that common goal- to become better coaches and also to inspire young people."
Alasdair Maxwell, 19







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