Glasgow Club Milton

Glasgow Club Milton

Activ8Activ8- gym sessions for 8-14 years old
At Glasgow Club Milton we have Activ8 sessions on every day of the week at times that suit. There are a variety of sessions available. 

Inductions – an introductory session to the gym and equipment. An induction is a necessity for all activ8 users. Available during any Drop In session.

Circuits – Structured and supervised sessions with coaches. Try not to be late as it is difficult for someone to join a session half way through. 

Drop In – activ8 user can come at any time during the hour but must have already completed an induction. You can work with an instructor to develop a session plan and record it on one of our session cards so you can monitor your progress.

​Milton ​Class 1 ​Time ​Class 2 Time​
​Monday ​Drop In 18.00-18.45​ ​Drop In ​18.45-19.45
​Tuesday ​Circuits ​18.00-19.00 ​Drop In ​19.00-20.00
​Wednesday ​Circuits ​18.00-18.45 ​Drop In  ​18.45-19.45
​Thursday ​Drop In  ​18.00-18.45 ​Drop In ​18.45-19.45
​Saturday ​Drop In ​10.00-11.00 ​Circuits ​11.00-12.00
​Sunday ​Drop In ​10.00-11.00 ​Circuits ​11.00-12.00
Regular Price: £2.50
Kids/Young Scot Card: £2.20
Monthly Unlimited Membership: £6.55

Times are subject to change. Please book at reception.​ 

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